Past Meets Present: A Conversation Between Two Mesa Verde Superintendents

What if Jesse Nusbaum, one of Mesa Verde's early superintendents could see the park today? Nusbaum served as superintendent several times in the early years of the park. He planned and supervised the development of the Chapin Mesa Historic District, including the Headquarters Building, Chief Rangers Office, and Chapin Mesa Museum. He also worked to enforce and to educate the public about the 1906 Antiquities Act, which created federal protection for archaeological resources such as those in Mesa Verde. Kayci Cook Collins, the current superintendent of Mesa Verde, has a long and distinguished career as a third generation National Park Service manager. She faces continuing and new challenges in managing park resources, personnel, and infrastructure. The Chapin Historic District buildings approach 100 years in age, roads require ongoing maintenance and repair, and archaeological sites require ongoing monitoring and stabilization. Climate change, a concept unknown to Nusbaum, creates a variety of impacts to the natural and cultural resources of Mesa Verde. What if Jesse and Kayci could have a chat? Join "Jesse" (character played by Joe Sindelar) and Kayci as they ponder the challenges and rewards of managing a world class archaeological park.